Siargao Backyard Critters


Here’s a collection of some lizards, bats, butterflies, insects, and crustaceans. There’s also a box turtle, a tree shrew, and a flying lemur. All were found and photographed right here in our backyard in San Isidro on Siargao Island.


Bat and a banana heart.


Hydrosaurus pustulatus; the Philippine sailfin lizard. Known locally as ‘ibid’.








The Amboina box turtle (Cuora amboinensis).


The Mindanao treeshrew (Urogale everetti).




The Philippine flying lemur or Philippine colugo (Cynocephalus volans), known locally as the ‘kago’.


The monitor lizard is known in these parts as ‘bibang’.


A species of Draco flying lizard resting on a coconut tree before gliding away.




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