What to do with Carabao Horns?


carabao tour ride horns siargao island san isidro

I’d been looking around for some carabao (water buffalo) horns. We have a project in the works to make some machetes at the village blacksmith’s and will use the horns for the handles

We were directed to the river behind the wet market in San Isidro and were able to find seven usable horns for now after a quick swim. Hopefully a return visit with snorkelling gear will yield more.

These young lads from next door helped me clean up the horns with some steel wool.

We also nailed two of the carabao horns to a coconut tree for some Texas-style exterior decorating.

carabao tour ride horns siargao island san isidro

We’ve got some folks scouring the junk shops now for metal from the leaf springs of old vehicles and some ball bearing races to take to the blacksmith.

Stay tuned as we should be making the machetes soon!

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