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We’d like to welcome all our new readers.

Our aim is to share stories and photos about the people, places and wildlife of Siargao, our island home here in the Philippines.

We warmly invite you to join us in this conversationĀ about our favourite place.


Greg and the www.wildsiargao.com team

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Alpha Malaza

Wow!!!this is great!!
Thanks to the maker of this website…This will help in recognizing Siargao island as one of the best tourist spot in the world!
Proud to be Siargaonon!!
God bless!!

Patrick[Kahuna] Livingston
Patrick[Kahuna] Livingston

Love the pictures .looks like paradise!! Enjoyable site to go thru..

Dave in Alegria

Keep up the great work. Siargao has so much to offer besides surfing.