Silangga (at Globe Tower)


An hour hike from the rice-farming village of Mabini (a barangay of Santa Monica) led me to one of the highest places on Siargao: the main Globe Telecom tower.

The trail starts out easy enough but is quite steep and unmarked on the final approach to the top.

You can’t get lost though as you have the beacon of the tower to guide you. Not too strenuous but I’d recommend not doing it at noon on a 35-degree day like I did!

Here’s a good view of the morning of the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean:

Looking east to the town of Baybay and the Pacific Ocean.


And here’s a view of the morning mist clearing over the rice fields:

These are the rice fields between the barangays of Libertad and San Mateo.


Here are two Coletos (Sarcops Calvus), a Philippine endemic, which appeared after the sunrise:




Also some Asian glossy starlings (Aplonis panayensis)—

I also stumbled across a nest of Buzzing flowerpeckers (Dicaeum hypoleucum)  near the summit:

Baby flowerpecker; not buzzing yet just hungry.



Looking west is the island of Pagbasayan near the town of San Benito:

Here’s also a photograph of the sunset looking over Pagbasayan and towards the horizon and Dinagat island.

Sunset over Pagbasayan island near San Benito.
and here you can view the Silangga Globe tower from a distance of six kilometers;

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