Rice Planting in del Pilar


The recent rice harvest is finished and the last of the rice has been dried and taken to the mill. so it’s time to start growing everyone’s favorite carbohydrate again

This bird amongst the dried rice stalks and growing mushrooms is a Paddyfield pipit (Anthus rufulus) in its preferred habitat.

Paddyfield pipit with mushrooms


That means it’s time to start preparing the rice paddies again.

A farmer with his carabao
Levelling off a paddy before transplanting the rice shoots
The germinated rice seeds begin to sprout
The old and the new

Once the seeds have grown into rice shoots they get Transplanted to the paddy.

Transplanting rice shoots by hand with a cattle egret atop a carabao for company
It takes a village

in 3-4 months there will be another harvest but still lots of work to do in the meanwhile: fertilizing the growing rice, controlling the irrigation and monitoring snails and other rice-harming pests.

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