Rice Farming: May Update


In April we started following the rice farming season in the fields in Del Pilar right after the harvest. Today, I thought we’d check in on how the next crop is coming along. Here’s some of the growing rice ready for transplanting:

This mixed congregation of hungry egrets waits for the critters churned up by this small floating power tiller being used to harrow the paddy. The tiller is actually nicknamed a ‘turtle’

Looks like hard work and it’s been plenty hot lately with daytime summer temperatures in the low to mid 30’s.

Here’s the same work being done but with a water buffalo instead of a mechanical tiller.

It’s still summer vacation so everyone has time to help out. These kids are looking for kuhol golden snails which are a pest that eat the growing rice plants. Edible fish can sometimes be found in the rice fields too.

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