The Philippine green pigeon (Treron axillaris) san isidro siargao island

Philippine Green Pigeon Rehabilitation


A few days ago we became aware of an immature Pompadour Green Pigeon that needed some care. Its nest had been attacked by the large-billed crows which are ubiquitous here on Siargao. Three of its siblings had been found dead at the nest and some village kids from  barangay Mabini in Santa Monica brought the sole survivor to us.

We’re working on a quick rehabilitation project and hope to have this colorful pigeon ready to be released back to the wild very soon.

This frugiverous pigeon  enthusiastically eats the ripe guava and bananas we’ve been feeding it.

The Philippine green pigeon (Treron axillaris)

For now, we’re enjoying having this young Philippine green pigeon join us for morning fruit while we have our morning coffee.

The Philippine green pigeon (Treron axillaris)

I fully expect this young pigeon will be back in the wilds of Siargao Island in no time.

The Philippine green pigeon (Treron axillaris)

And here’s what the Pompadour green pigeon looks like at maturity:

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