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Easter Sunday on the River

river tours siargao san isidro swiss family river tour
A friendly Swiss family visiting the village of San Miguel

We awoke on Easter Sunday to prepare for one of our Siargao River Tours. The tropical depression which had dumped a lot of rain here on Saturday and was accompanied by abundant thunder and lightning had mostly cleared off towards the Visayas and away from Siargao. Well it did pour a bit on the way upriver but everyone was in high spirits. By the time we landed in San Miguel it had turned into a lovely and sunny Easter Sunday,

First order of business was having a look around the elementary school near the boat landing, but being a Sunday during summer vacation not a soul was around.

The adjacent community garden had okra, ampalaya (bitter melon), sweet potatoes, peanuts and the ever-popular petsay which is a kind of cabbage.

river tours san isidro siargao
The elementary school and community farm in San Miguel

A walk through the village turned up many fruit trees including a few varieties of banana, some calamansi and the delicious pomelo.

river tours siargao san isidro
We’d be taking this pomelo home with us

The residents of San Miguel are mostly engaged in rice farming and coconut harvesting for copra production. Another common livelihood is making firewood for sale.

river tours siargao san isidro

These logs will be split with an ax before being sold as wood for household cooking and roasting the popular lechon baboy.

river tours siargao san isidro
Firewood for sale

After the boat ride and a walk around the village it was time for some refreshments. Some residents of the village obliged us by climbing a coconut tree and procuring some young green coconuts which everyone enjoyed.

river tours siargao san isidro buko coconut juice river tour
Buko juice for everyone!

Here our boatman Talong enjoys a glass of ‘suka-on’ fresh from the coconut tree. This will start turning sour and develop an alcohol content after a few hours. A few days later it becomes the universal cooking vinegar ‘suka’.

coconut toddy wine drink tuba river tours siargao san isidro

At this point we decided to head back to San Isidro by road so we could stop in the village of Buhing Kalipay to see the reservoir there.

resevoir buhing kalipay river tours siargao san isidro bito river tour
Kids in Buhing Kalipay sneaking a reservoir swim on a sultry Sunday,

The hunt for fruit continued and we found these jackfruit growing in Buhing Kalipay and convinced the homeowner to sell us one for a hundred pesos.

jackfruit fruit river tours siargao san isidro
Jackfruit salad would be on the menu in the evening

What a relaxing way to spend an Easter Sunday with new friends. Thanks as always to the ever-friendly residents of San Miguel and Buhing Kalipay,

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wow cool article and nice pictures!
well done guys 🙂


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