The people, places and wildlife of Siargao Island, Philippines

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What to do with Carabao Horns?

I’d been looking around for some carabao (water buffalo) horns. We have a project in the works to make some machetes at the village blacksmith’s and will use the horns for the handles. 

April 12, 2017

Megancub Island

Just a ten-minute boat ride from the popular tourist site of Sugba Lagoon and forty-five minutes from the port of Del Carmen, lies Megancub Island with its

April 5, 2017

Silangga (at Globe Tower)

An hour hike from the rice-farming village of Mabini (a barangay of Santa Monica) led me to one of the highest places on Siargao: the main Globe Telecom tower. The trail starts out easy enough but is quite steep and unmarked on the final approach to the top. You can’t get lost though as you […]

April 5, 2017

Beast of Burden

This area has become my new favorite birding hotspot. Right now you can reliably see egrets in breeding plumage and an abundance of Philippine mallards and Purple herons as well as many other avian visitors. I’ll be writing a post soon about how to find the new farm-to-market road which leads through these fields and […]

April 2, 2017